Knowing that the strongest proof of our professionalism is the impact we had on others, we found it appropriate to share with you some thoughts coming from people who already had the chance to listen to our music.

The Sonore String Quartet’s performance was very special and successful. The girls showed interest in my suggestions and I was very nicely surprised when I realised what an impact they had on our guests. Everybody regretted when the last piece was over. I’m looking forward to having the chance to listen to them again!
— Lacramioara & Adrian, Bucharest

I’m very pleased by Sonore String Quartet’s performance. Our guests were charmed by their music and I was impressed with the punctuality and professionalism that they showed. I really enjoyed the fact that they had such a various repertoire and that I could find and hear through their pieces my wife’s favourite song. It was a memorable evening!
— Teodora & Iosif, Bucharest

I had the pleasure of saying the most important YES of my life accompanied by the harmonies of the Sonore String Quartet. Hearing so many hits through the melodies performed by them and also noticing that the guests were so delighted by their kind of music, added to my joy on that day.
— Adrian, Bucharest

Thank you very much for making one of the most emotional moments of our lives sound good and also for adding color to our event. We really appreciate what you did for us, we appreciate your hearts full of love, which set you apart from other quartets and we want to let you know we received lots of good feedback from our guests for your performance.
Keep on lifting through your music! You’re doing it great!

— Tabita & Teo, Bucharest

The girls from Sonore String Quartet, along with their good music and smiling demeanor left their mark in a most wonderful fashion on the beginning of our journey together. We were impressed by the variety of music styles they perform, combining them perfectly to fit the mood of our event. The feedback we received later from our guests reassure us that we made the best choice by asking them to take part in our new beginning. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
— Patricia & Dragos, Pitesti

Somebody once said that “music is the harmonious voice of creation: an echo of the invisible world.” Through the music of Sonore String Quartet we remain connected to Divinity, yet “grounded”, because these wonderful young ladies, passionate and extremely talented have a heart for the needy and have partnered with us on many occasions, in support of our cause. Touched Romania pulls destinies towards itself and together with Sonore String Quartet touches hearts, tugging at the heartstrings.
— Natalia Ungureanu, Touched Romania

Thanks to you, our wedding was in complete harmony. We joyfully remember all the emotion that you conveyed! Your exquisite sounds helped us experience a wonderful fairy tale night.
— Flavia & Alexandru, Suceava